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Cathy Thorpe

PO Box 53473

Bellevue WA 98015

Counseling Practice

Cathy Thorpe, MA LMHC has an active counseling practice in Bellevue, WA. Her clinical expertise centers on trauma, anxiety, sexual abuse, relationship issues, and spiritual growth. Her main modality of treatment is Lifespan Integration (LI), which is the brain-changing timeline method developed by Peggy Pace. She is also an EMDR trained therapist. Cathy works with individuals who experience remarkable, life-changing results with the timeline method in a consistently shorter period than traditional talk therapy. Cathy is also an approved Lifespan Integration consultant. Cathy is an in-network provider for Premera, Blue Cross and Lifewise Plans.

It appears that repetitions of the timeline change the way clients hold and understand emotional material. By leading them through timeline protocols, clients change their view of themselves, their relationships, and their strategies for problem-solving. Cathy has had high success rates with many therapeutic issues including: bipolar; depression; anxiety; post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD); and relationship concerns. She works with both children and adults.

Judy Piper is Cathy's associate and also uses Lifespan Integration to counsel clients. Judy is located in Kirkland, WA.  Please inquire with Judy about what insurance plans she takes.